Available positions

3D Artist

We are seeking a 3D artist to build cool gaming experiences and strengthen our creative team.

Roblox Game Designer

We are looking for a Roblox game designer to strengthen our creative team.

Fortnite Game Designer

We are looking for a Fortnite game designer to strengthen our creative team.


Are you at the start of your career and looking for an internship? Are you interested in the gaming and marketing industry? Then Mapshot might be your place to be!

We are open for a wide variety of internships. 3D artists, Game Designers, Content Creators, Marketing & Growth Hacking. So let's discuss what you're looking for and we will explore how we can take you under Mapshot's wings.

Can't find the job you're looking for?

Do you still feel like you would be a match and asset to Mapshot but cannot find the right open position? Drop us a mail at jobs@mapshot.gg! You never know!

A few words from our staff

Benjamin van Iseghem

Benjamin Van Iseghem

  • When searching for a new opportunity, I stumbled upon Mapshot and was intrigued. I hadn't come across the concept of marketing in the gaming industry yet, but it was definitely something I believed in.

    After a few conversations with Stephan, I was convinced that Mapshot was the company for me.

    At Mapshot, I've been given the freedom and support to become a better developer and work on meaningful projects I believe in. The trust I get at Mapshot is one of the main reasons I'm happy to work here. Mapshot is growing, and I'm growing with it!

Harry "Jekyll" Stasta

  • Gaming has developed a lot in recent years and the Metaverse is becoming increasingly important. I saw that too and want to be a part of it. I'm happy to be able to create it with Stephan and the Mapshot team.

    Even if the concept of the Metaverse is still relatively new, Mapshot already has some exciting projects that have been and will be created in this area.

    I am happy I am part of the process with my creativity and designing this Metaverse. together with Mapshot, I can do that.

Don't be a stranger!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions! We are happy to help you in your quest to add gaming to your marketing and communication strategy!

Benjamin van Iseghem, Xander Van Buggenhout, Stephan Celis