Mapshot’s founding story

Hi, and welcome to our website.

You visiting our site means you already have some know-about about gaming, esports, and probably marketing. Which means you are awesome!

But how did Mapshot come to exist?

It started with the founders (Jeffrey Bollen and Stephan Celis) already wanting to start up a business together for a long time. Preferably in the gaming industry, because we both are great gaming enthusiasts. Noobs.. but still very enthusiastic.

That’s why, when our local university started with a postgraduate course called “esports business architect”, we probably were one of the firsts to subscribe for this course. Starting a postgraduate in esports means that at least you have to watch a little bit of it. So we did, for the first time in our lives. Yes, for the first time. Us both being young first-time dads, and both with full-time jobs, we were already lucky to find some time now and then to just get online together and play some games ourselves. So excuse us..

Anyway, after both starting to watch esports events, we both rather fast came up with the same question. “Where were all the sponsors?” Of course, they were there, but not that noticeable. Sometimes they would come up as a banner behind the players, as a small cutscene, and of course on the player shirts. But that was it, and it made us think. How cool would it be for sponsors, businesses, the teams, and events themselves to be more noticeable during the action? Much like in a real-life football (soccer for our US friends) match.

And thus the idea of Mapshot was born. How cool would it be to build custom game levels where all this brand experience was possible and they would get so much more exposure. Imagine players experiencing your brand over and over again in a map, without it breaking the immersion of the game. Solely by subtly adding your logo and even product placement, or just using your brand colors in the map’s design. I’ll do you one better: Imagine your HQ, training facility, stadium,… being exactly replicated as a playable map. How about that for next-level brand experience and fan connection?

The first proof of concept followed quickly. We had to make a business case for our first assignment of the postgraduate course. The explanation and presentation were done fast, but the point was to visualize our idea. Therefore we decided to build a replica of the university’s main building in CS:GO. In our humble opinion, it looked really good. Our professor and fellow students were blown away, and our proof of concept was a fact. See for yourself.

PXL Building Google Maps

PXL Building - Google Maps

PXL building in CS:GO

PXL Building - CS:GO


Both being fans of the CS franchise, and knowing that the map editor was a usable and accessible tool, we were almost immediately ready to go. 

(Read more about Mapshot here.)

The search for professional level-designers began and with success. We already have some designers who are thrilled to work on projects with us.

So there you have it. The birth of Mapshot. Custom-built CS:GO maps for your business, your team, or your event. 

Your brand, your battleground.



Jeffrey and Stephan.

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