Projects we worked on

LOG - KPN Island

Legends Of Gaming

Legends of Gaming is a content channel in which several gaming influencers compete. Several episodes were dedicated to Fortnite games built by Mapshot.

Mobile Vikings - Plant the Modem

Mobile Vikings

A Counter-Strike map built for Belgian telecom provider Mobile Vikings used in a strong marketing campaign with different challenges!

Red Bull UK - Gaming Sphere London

Red Bull Gaming Sphere

A Fortnite experience inspired by the UK Gaming Sphere of Red Bull with different challenges and scenery of the city of London.

Kom op tegen kanker - RIProken 2023

RIProken 2023

We've made a custom Fortnite boss battle to help RIProken in their yearly campaign to educate children about the adverse effects of smoking.

Daily Dungeon Obby

Daily Dungeon Obby contains multiple Dungeon style Obby's with different traps and obstacles. Each Obby is regenerated daily for new fun!

Royal Netherlands Navy - Den Helder

Den Helder

A CSGO map inspired by the "HNLMS Den Helder" ship from the Royal Netherlands Navy made for her Crew Resource Management training.

Aïki Noodles Prophunt

Aïki Prop Hunt

A fun Prop Hunt game made for Belgium's instant noodle brand Aïki in Fortnite. Hide among the many props or become a hunter and find them all!

Proximus- Fiber Hyper Run

Proximus Fiber Hyper Run

A Fortnite Hyper Run course made for Proximus. A creative way to convey to GenZ that Proximus' fiber is the best for gaming performance.

Kom op tegen kanker - RIProken 2022


A custom Fortnite world with multiple Parkours for the RIProken campaign of "Kom op tegen Kanker" to discourage teenagers from starting to smoke.

Tricked esport - Challenge maps


Tricked is a Danish Esports team focused on raising young talents to be future champions. We build 2 Tricked branded CSGO challenge courses.

City of Antwerp - Harbor Map

Antwerp Harbor

Custom "CounterStrike: Global Offensive" Antwerp Harbor map to promote the City of Antwerp during the PGL Major tournament in May 2022.


Edge is a new platform for content creators and gamers. We've built many replayable scenarios in CSGO as well as a SourceMod server plugin.