Fortnite - Aïki Prop Hunt

How do you create top-of-mind awareness for a young generation that has become blind to advertising and shifted away from traditional media?

Join them where their passion is, for example, inside the games they are already playing!

Belgium’s instant noodle brand, Aïki, understands this very well. They have already been active in the gaming scene for quite a while with different yearly campaigns.

Mapshot introduced Aïki into the Fortnite metaverse with a beautiful Prop Hunt island. The Fortnite island is divided in different zones like the Aïki Festival, Aïki Restaurant, and the Aïki University. These zones match the target audience of Aïki.

Each week during the four-week campaign, players can unlock multiple achievements in order to win different prizes like a Playstation 5, Steam Deck and a year supply in Aïki cups!

Campaign setup


Prices that players could win during the Aïki Prop Hunt

In May 2023, players could win different prizes by unlocking different achievements and uploading the screenshot on their Prophunt landing page.

Influencer marketing

Throughout the campaign, the biggest Dutch- and French-speaking influencers in Belgium promoted the Fortnite campaign of Aïki noodles. Abulic and Lemed made short TikToks announcing the tournament and played the map themselves on live Twitch streams, resulting in hours of streaming content. Thanks to the custom Fortnite Island Mapshot made, the influencers had something unique to work with instead of just a typical banner with a shoutout.

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Knowledge Nugget

When combining influencer marketing with in-game marketing, engage those influencers by doing subtle shoutouts inside the game towards their channels. It creates a win-win between the influencer and the brand. In the Aïki island, we added posters of both influencers with their favorite Fortnite skins. 


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