Counter-Strike - Mobile Vikings

A Counter-Strike map built for Belgian telecom provider Mobile Vikings used in a strong marketing campaign with different challenges!

The map contains several Belgian elements and different nudges towards Mobile Vikings in their typical humorous style. Players can enjoy the map in a 2V2 wingman mode or a 1V1 mode offline or online on different Mobile Vikings servers.

During the campaign, players can compete for different prices in creative challenges that resonate with the CS2 player base.

Trailer video

Fun challenges that resonate with the community!

Mobile Vikings Prices

Up In Smoke

Mobile Vikings CS2 Screenshot

Take full advantage of the new smoke effects in CS2. Make an original screenshot of your smoke grenade to win this challenge.

Chicken Dinner

Mobile Vikings CS2 Screenshot

Use a molotov cocktail to fry chicken and let us know how it tasted. Best screenshot wins.

Beat the pro gamers

Mobile Vikings Challengers

Show no mercy and completely shred Casualgorilla, Laagvliet and as yet unnamed pro gamers.


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