Ludeo (formerly known as “Edge Gaming”) is an Israeli start-up building a new platform for content creators and gamers. With their platform, content creators can recreate unforgettable moments in a stream or competition for other games to try for themselves. For example, a famous player made a fantastic play in a major championship. You then recreate this moment so other players can try to execute the play themselves and compete for better scores with their peers.

Mapshot has built over a dozen replayable scenarios for Ludeo in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. Our deep knowledge of CSGO and expertise in scripting the AI-controlled opponents were crucial to getting the first replayable scenarios to their test audience and validating their business concept.

Aside from the replayable scenarios, Mapshot has also built a server plugin to synchronize the in-game scores and results towards their platform. This plugin is made with the SourceMod framework and pushes the data toward the platform using REST.