Fortnite - Proximus Fiber Hyper Run

How do you create top-of-mind awareness for a young generation that has become blind to advertising and shifted away from traditional media?

Join them where their passion is, for example, inside the games they are already playing!

Belgium’s biggest telco, Proximus, understands this very well. They have already convinced the gaming audience that their Fiber is the best pick for gaming performance.

They stepped into Fortnite with three tournaments lined up with amazing prices for the players to win!

To win, the players must complete a “Hyper Run”. A jump course that pushes the player forward faster and faster. Each level transitions from an Urban environment towards a futuristic one, telling the player Proximus has the fastest network, which is ready for the future!

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Campaign setup


Proiximus Fortnite tournament price pool

Proximus organizes three tournaments spread over four months, from January 2023 until April 2023. Each tournament has different price pools for the players to compete and one raffle ticket to win a Playstation 5.

Influencer marketing

Throughout the campaign, different influencers were created to promote the Fortnite tournament. They made short TikToks announcing the tournament and played the map themselves on live Twitch streams and resulting in hours of streaming content. Thanks to the custom Fortnite world made sure the influencers had something unique to work with instead of just a typical banner with a shoutout.

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Knowledge Nugget

If you organize a competitive tournament, include a raffle! It will prevent less skilled or experienced players from being discouraged from participating. Everybody has a chance to win something when joining the competition!



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