Fortnite - RIProken

To support the RIProken campaign of "Kom op Tegen kanker", a Belgian NGO to combat cancer, we build a custom Fortnite world.

The campaign goal is to discourage teenagers to start smoking by creating awareness of the negative impact on their health when smoking.

The Fortnite map is an Open World environment that players can freely explore.

It includes 8 parkours they need to beat in the fastest time possible. In the parkours, we inform the player about the chemicals released during smoking and their potential impact on your body.

Players need to avoid gas clouds or suffer the consequences.

Campaign setup


Offline launch of the RIProken campaign on the Gameforce conference.

Influencer support

Online RIProken campaign via Influencer content on TikTok and Twitch.


RIProken aftermovie of the finale during which the four best players competed for the trophy and ultimately with a Playstation 5 as the main prize.


Although the campaign was wrapped-up in November 2022, we still see daily activity, which shows the longevity of quality gaming content!

In a world with short attention spans, our average playtime sits over 30 minutes!

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Don't be afraid of the stereotype in which GenZ only has an attention span of 60 seconds. There is more to their life than a TikTok video. Our average playtime in different projects easily reaches 30 minutes and beyond. On top of that, the game creates hours of streaming content they happily consume!


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