Fortnite - Legends of Gaming - KPN & HP Omen

Legends of Gaming is a long-form content channel in which several gaming influencers called "Legends" compete in different games for a trophy. In 2023, Dutch telecom company KPN and HP Omen sponsored the eighth season of LOG.

During the eighth season, several episodes were dedicated to custom-built Fortnite islands by Mapshot. A central hub, "KPN Island," was built with different portals to the other games in which the legends of LOG competed.

Episode 1

Campaign Setup

Legends Of Gaming YouTube Channel

Long Form Content

With over 650 videos and 500.000 subscribers, LOG has a lot of experience in creating the perfect videos!

Legends Of Gaming - KPN Island - Screenshot

7 Custom Fortnite islands!

With a Central KPN Island hub and six different Fortnite games, LOG has all the tools to increase engagement with its audience and put its sponsors, KPN and HP Omen, in the spotlight.

HP Omen 6

Competition and prices!

To give the LOG audience extra incentive to play in the Fortnite games, LOG hosted competitions and gave away prizes to its audience.

Legends Of Gaming Episodes

Hunters VS Stunters

Prop Hunt

Ledge Wars

Next Episode 2nd January 2024!

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