Fortnite - RIProken 2023

To support the yearly RIProken campaign of "Kom op Tegen kanker", a Belgian NGO to combat cancer, we build a new custom Fortnite world.

The campaign goal is to discourage teenagers to start smoking by creating awareness of the negative impact on their health when smoking.

The Fortnite map includes a small parkour with educational messages and links to the toxic substances released during smoking. The game ends with an impressive boss battle against "SmokeZilla", a custom-designed boss monster that embodies the adverse effects of smoking.

Campaign Setup

The campaign started with the release of a single-player version of the game to introduce the concept of the SmokeZilla battle. After this, RIProken launched the campaign with a duo mode. Players had to join battle with a friend to defeat Smokezilla in the fastest time possible to compete for different prices and a ticket to enter the final event. The final event was a livestream during which the best players could join influencers to defeat Smokezilla in an all-out mass battle for the final blow and defeat of the monster.



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