Sandbox Creative Mode on PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, aka PUBG, is currently ranked as the number 1 most popular game with over 1.770 million downloads. The game is most popular in the US, but there is definitely a solid player base here in Europe.

The game is considered to be the start of the popularity of the battle royale game style alongside Fortnite. A few years ago the creators of PUBG released a mobile version of the game to remove the barrier of needing a gaming pc to be able to play the game. With over 1.3 billion downloads as of December 2022, you can definitely say this was a good move.

PUBG Mobile example
PUBG Tournament hall

The game is also big in the esports scene, having several large cash prize tournaments each year. This, of course, adds to the game's popularity and active player base.

One thing that still needs to be added in the game that other similar games already offer is a sandbox mode where players can design their own maps or game modes. The biggest example here is Fortnite, which also started as a battle royale game in 2017, but quickly opened its game to allow players to design their own maps.

That is why PUBG has announced the arrival of a new creative mode in the PUBG Mobile 2.5 update. The mode is reported to allow players to create custom maps for the battle royale and team deathmatch game modes. Fans of the game have already responded very excited to the news coming out. This move will definitely aid the fun in staying on top of the list of the most popular games.

Games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and CSGO have already shown useful for brands and companies in reaching the younger generations with their message. The ability to build custom maps and models attracts companies to add their own brand in a fun custom map that can be played by thousands of people in their target audience.

Since this update is yet to be released, brands that will hop on this update will be the first to have their own branded map in a game that has millions of loyal players. All players will try the new and exciting content the game has to offer.

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