Looking at the new Fortnite x Kid Laroi experience through a Fortnite builders' lens.

Written by Harry aka Jekyll_H_Y_D_E

Yesterday, I saw the Kid Laroi concert in Fortnite. All my friends were hyped about this event. However, the event, for me itself, was secondary. I wanted to know what the future holds for us in Fortnite Creative...

Like what new devices we will discover and what extras we will get to make even more impressive builds.

The game starts, and I see kid Laroi looking over the mountains, and the countdown starts... Once the countdown ends, you immediately see a box with a video playing in it falling from the sky. Wait a minute, I didn't look up... I was forced to look there! Awesome that a player can be forced to look where the creator wants! As a creator, I can now direct the player's view to follow my story.

I immediately noticed that the collectibles (collectible objects within the game) are pulling toward the player, which is also something new. Collectibles used to be static. This seems practical for giving players a little more freedom. Not having to walk 100% in one line to pick them up.

Control the players camera!

After some time, the transition to a new zone started... The game took over my screen, and I could only see the video. Wow, that opens so many possibilities for us as creators. Letting people only see what you really want, to convey a message or tell a story!

Next, one of the highlights for me came after 2 rooms. The Alpha Wolf! It seems like it's a boss device. We've wanted, and needed Boss fights for so long to catapult fights to the next level! The wolf moves on a fixed route, which is fantastic. As a creator, you can control where it needs to go and where the player should go. While escaping from the wolf, I noticed some barriers blocking my way. The barriers had bands that disappeared after a while. This design looks adaptable...

Creative 2.0

After the wolf killed me, I noticed that in the studio, the devices in front of me pulled me into a zoomed-in environment. That's the same as the forced-looking but a slightly different use case. The Unreal Engine blueprint system of Creative 2.0* was displayed. Is that confirmation? Nothing is accidental in Fortnite... Blueprint is coming in 2.0!

After going into the zone, I saw the environment. A whole new design for the barrier device... So awesome! Right after that came another application for forcing the player into a view. A great transition in front of a video stream into a desert zone. This was built in 2.0... I'm sure about that! Such great possibilities for the future!

Lightbulb icon

Knowledge Nugget

At this moment, Fortnite creators work in what’s called Creative 1.0 to make their builds. Epic Games is working on a new version of Creative called 2.0, which give even more possibilities in their creations. The release date will be in H1 of 2023.

The Boss Fight!

And now, in my opinion, this will be the best thing on this map (that is what I thought at that moment). The boss fight...  The wolf attacks the players with different attacks and spawns more wolves to attack us... I can't wait to have that in the game!

Then, we came to a stage where the player was forced into an emote (i.e., your character does a forced animation/movement). Auto player animations… this is game-changing! Imagine a medieval map where you approach a king and are forced to kneel... so awesome!

In the end, I noticed something that I think not many people did. The player automatically loaded into a new map... That´s completely new! This could be used to show extra information or simply as a loading zone into the next level/area. That gives us endless possibilities. Games would be able to be infinite! Wow, that’s going to be a game-changer!

The conclusion of the concert is that many new devices are coming and I think we won't have to wait that long for them... This will help us creators to bridge the time to 2.0 and quench our thirst a little for the coming months…

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