Let's build a virtual world together...


Mapshot is a marketing agency specializing in using video games as a medium. We build custom “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, Fortnite, and Roblox worlds with your company’s branding and products. With gaming, Mapshot offers a new way to interact with your customers and fans.

We offer a way for people to actively engage and interact with your brand instead of passively watching an advertisement.


At Mapshot, we always thrive to make branding innovative and exciting for the customers. Our ambitions are to be the top leading innovative agency in Europe.

Creative Challenging Arenas

Antwerp Harbor - City Remake

Brand Focus

Why this

As more and more media consumption is transitioning away from traditional outlets like television, radio, and printed newspapers, so does your marketing strategy need to evolve to reach a younger audience. Including gaming in your marketing strategy increases your reach potential towards generation Z and generation Alpha. On top of that, gaming is a very interactive medium that allows your audience to connect and interact with your brand or product.