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Counter-Strike 2 logoRead more +25 April 2023 By Benjamin Van Iseghem in News

Source 2 Is Here – What Does That Mean?

How did Source 2 come to be? The evolution of Source and Hammer up to Source 2 & the benefits of the new engine explained.
Read more +16 March 2023 By Benjamin Van Iseghem in News

Sandbox creative mode in PUBG

There is a creative sandbox mode coming to PUBG. Who will make the coolest looking battle royale maps? Better start building!
Read more +15 March 2023 By Benjamin Van Iseghem in News

Generative AI on Roblox

Thanks to the rising popularity of generative AI tools for art or conversation, Roblox has started rolling out generative AI tools to aid creators in their world-building.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive logoRead more +13 March 2023 By Benjamin Van Iseghem in News

Why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still is relevant today

Just a few reasons why the decade old game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still on top. Either as a competitive game or casual fun.
Fortnite X Kid Laroi concertRead more +28 January 2023 By Mapshot in News

The new Fortnite x Kid Laroi experience through a creative’s lens

Fortnite released a new concert with Kid Laroi showcasing new possibilities for building islands. How can you use these to improve yours?

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