Top use cases from in-game marketing

Our youth is shifting away from traditional media. With the internet as their playground, they spend more time exploring their passions.

One of them is gaming!

Get inspired by these four use cases from companies that have already applied gaming in their marketing and communication strategy with the help of Mapshot.

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Statistics that show GenZ increased interest in gaming versus watching TV shows or movies at home.

Aïki Prop Hunt

Belgium’s instant noodle brand, Aïki, has already been active in the gaming scene for quite a while with different yearly campaigns.

Mapshot introduced Aïki into the Fortnite metaverse with a beautifull Prop Hunt island. The Fortnite island is divided in different zones like the Aïki Festival, Aïki Restaurant, and the Aïki University. These zones match the target audience of Aïki.

A Hide and Seek tournament with top influencers!

Prices that players could win during the Aïki Prop Hunt

Proximus Fiber Hyper Run

How do you create top-of-mind awareness to a young generation that has become blind to advertising and shifted away from traditional media?

Join them where their passion is, for example, inside the games they are already playing!

Belgium’s biggest telco, Proximus, understands this very well. They have already convinced the gaming audience that their Fiber is the best pick for gaming performance.

Combined with Next-Gen Influencer Marketing

Den Helder

HNLMS Den Helder is a Combat Support Ship from the Royal Netherlands Navy

This ship was recreated in CS:GO to support the Dutch Navy in their CRM training. The hull and superstructure of the ship are an accurate reproduction of the real-life and yet-to-be-taken-into-service vessel. The interior is fictional and inspired by several navy vessels.

The Dutch Navy is exploring the opportunities and possibilities of using esports and gamification. This map is developed for the Navy's Crew Resource Management (CRM) training. Sailors and marines get a basic CRM introduction in their primary course. Since 2018, a project group within the Navy (KM & esports) has been actively researching this matter and found that using a videogame like CS:GO can contribute to the value of these lessons.

Den Helder Marine Days 2023


Kom op tegen kanker is Belgium's biggest NGO to combat cancer.

They had difficulty speaking to the youth and were looking for unique ways to connect with them through their “RIP Roken” (RIP Smoking) campaign…

We created a Fortnite parkour run with 8 obstacle courses.

The goal was to avoid the toxic gasses (that are released when smoking) and complete the course as fast as possible.


Although the campaign was only active for two months, we still see daily activity in the Fortnite world months after the campaign has ended.

In a world with short attention spans, The Fortnite world has an average playtime over 30 minutes!

Fortnite RIProken Screenshot

Antwerp Harbor

The city of Antwerp hosted the CS:GO PGL Major in 2022. An international tournament of major proportion with over 70 different nationalities that visited the city to watch the finale live. Their favorite teams competed for a 1 million euro price pool!

To help promote the event, they asked us to create a CS:GO map inspired by the Antwerp harbor to connect with the gaming audience and invite them to visit the city between matches.


Even though it was a form of advertising, the community loved this initiative! A 5-star rating, over 17.000 downloads, and many positive comments showed the appreciation of these gamers.

The project was developed with love and respect for the game and the people loved it!

William Boeva and Bart De Wever playing the Antwerp Harbor during the launch of the map.

More Inspiration

More and more companies are using gaming in their marketing and communication strategy. To reach the younger audience, you'll need to get creative! Checkout our full portfolio and get inspired by more of our work!