CSGO - Den Helder

HNLMS Den Helder is a Combat Support Ship from the Royal Netherlands Navy

The hull and superstructure of the ship are an accurate reproduction of the real-life and yet-to-be-taken-into-service vessel. The interior is fictional and inspired by several navy vessels.

The Dutch Navy is exploring the opportunities and possibilities of using esports and gamification. This map is developed for the Navy's Crew Resource Management (CRM) training. Sailors and marines get a basic CRM introduction in their primary course. Since 2018, a project group within the Navy (KM & esports) has been actively researching this matter and found that using a videogame like CS:GO can contribute to the value of these lessons. While Dust 2 served as a training map, having a map of your future vessels speaks to the hearts and minds of students on their journey of joining the Navy.

Crew Resource Training

Den Helder Marine Days 2023

All navy military personnel should be trained in Crew Resource Management. The theory of CRM provides the basis and framework for proper functional collaboration. By innovating with new teaching methods, the Navy is gaining knowledge and experience and testing whether these have added value for the organization.

The Dutch Royal Navy uses CRM to provide insight into team effectiveness. Future colleagues receive an introductory lesson in the sailor training program (First Maritime Military Training). This lesson consists of part theory and an innovative teaching format through playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Students play a number of rounds and evaluate their performance with an instructor. Most students become competitive from the game. As a result, they show much more of themselves than in a classic role-playing game. In the game, you must observe your team, urging them to cooperate or giving orders to your teammates. Based on the performance, the instructor can form a better picture of the student and provide better guidance.

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